Check out the Hunting Regulations . The Hunting Area is in 6-18 and 6-20


World Class Steelhead Fishing


 As anglers we all dream of the undiscovered: a Shangri-la with lush valleys  and pristine rivers where steelhead far outnumber footprints. In the realm of North American steelhead fly fishing, these places are few and far between. This camp is rustic not unlike camping in a wooded tent).



 The physical demands of the trip are many, as the amount of water you can fly fish during a week depends solely on how far you can walk and how many river crossings you can make. Nothing good is easy and believe us, this place is good!



Located on the shores of a quiet lake surrounded by peaks in northern British Columbia, the camp offers groups of two or three steelhead anglers exclusive walk-and-wade access to five miles of picture-perfect river, where the wild and willing steelhead average eleven-plus pounds and occasionally exceed twenty pounds. For those who relish true wilderness, love fly fishing the dry line, and feel that a shot of booze tastes better after bush-whacking, this trip is nothing short of a treasure!