Check out the Hunting Regulations . The Hunting Area is in 6-18 and 6-20


Mountain Goat Hunting

An abundant species in the area is mountain goat. The Skeena, and Stikine drainages are home to trophy class goats and one look at various record books will confirm this. One does not have to be an Olympic athlete to hunt mountain goat, but the better your condition the more you will enjoy the hunt.

The season for mountain goats starts August 1, but we start most of our hunts the middle of August and go through to  mid October 8. Success generally runs about 75%, but is generally higher for those in good physical condition and those taking earlier hunt dates (better weather). 

We hunt them out of spike camps consisting of backpack tents. But most hunts start and finish from either a lodge or wall tent camp at roughly 4000 feet. Typical elevation during a goat hunt will range between 5000-7000 feet. Most goat hunts will require the hunter to be able to pack his own personal gear. Some goat hunts can be done from the valley bottom, allowing the hunter to day hunt. But in most cases the hunter should be prepared to stay on the mountain until they are successful.