Check out the Hunting Regulations . The Hunting Area is in 6-18 and 6-20


        Moose Hunting


  The moose located in Lonesome Mountain Outfitters area are of the Canadian variety.  This is the most abundant species here with most trophy calibre bulls being in the 48” to 55” range. 


Moose hunts start about the last week of August and go through to the end of our season, mid October. Our success on trophy moose consistently runs about 80%. Moose hunts can be combined with mountain goat, caribou, and grizzly bear.


We hunt these using spot and stalk , calling, and tree stands. All moose hunts are conducted out of our main lodge, as well as various wall tent spike camps. Spike camps are accessed by backpacking from our main lodge, with assistance using an Argo (atv).


In our area all bull moose are legal, so there are no point restrictions that limit the type of moose to be taken.  We concentrate on trophy calibre bulls on all hunts, but if the hunter wishes to harvest any bull, that choice is available.