Check out the Hunting Regulations . The Hunting Area is in 6-18 and 6-20


Grizzly Bear Hunting


Another premier species available in our area is the grizzly bear. This region of British Columbia has a very dense population of grizzly bears. We have very good habitat located here, as well as abundant salmon runs that nourish these large predators.


Grizzly bears are hunted in the spring and fall. Spring hunts are conducted from a vehicle/atv on the western edge of the area. We only do one of these every couple years. In the fall, these hunts are in combination with moose, and/or goat. Opportunity runs near 100% on these hunts.



 Grizzly bears typically average about 7.5-8 foot, and have skull sizes in the 23-25 inch range. All grizzly bear hunts are spot and stalk, requiring lots of glassing and hiking the river valley bottoms.


Black Bear

Black bear hunts are available in conjunction with Grizzly bears on spring hunts. Or in the spring on their own. We have a large population of black bears  and offer both 2x1 and 1x1 spring hunts.